Friday, October 07, 2005

Wednesday October 5th

We left from Lido in the pouring rain heading for Ravenna. Along the way we encountered a long traffic delay due to a collapsed road. Even though thousands of vehicles were affected, no one was doing anything to fix the road. Unfortunately we arrived in Ravenna an hour and a half late and didn’t really have time to explore the town thoroughly. We did however walk to Dante Alighieri’s tomb and walked through the medieval streets. Back in the bus around 3pm, to head for Assisi. Arriving around 5.30pm. There was much excitement when the boys discovered an extra star on the hotel. This hotel turned out to be the best yet (dcspite a very long delay on the dinner due to the chef walking out) and the fact that some boys had to sleep in queen beds. The T-team for the day was Matt Murphy and Adam Rath. The talking point was the most memorable moment of the tour.

Today we went to Assisi early in the morning and visited Basillica di San Francesco. There are two churches build one on top of the other and the lower one contains the tomb of St Francis and some of his artefacts including a habit and some chalices that he used. The upper church had large frescos telling the story of his life. After the church we wandered through the town to the central piazza and had a couple of hours of shopping and eating time. After lunch on the road to Sorrento and we hit Napoli at about 5.30 then we met with a massive traffic jam through Sorrento which took about 2 hours to clear. We arrived at our hotel after 8pm. We were surprised to find the Stromlo high group at the same hotel and while the hotel had a spectacular view of the sea, the meals, the rooms, the cold showers and the service left a lot to be desired. Lucky it was in a nice location.Today’s T-team is Cain Holgate and Marc Bombardiere and the talking point was the favourite place in Italy. Some examples were Florence, the Colloseum, the Vatican, Pisa and Villa d’Este.

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