Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wednesday 27th September

Today is the final day of homestay. All boys are enjoying the company and food of their families (especially the food). Monday we spent a full day in Roma, visiting the Colloseum, Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps. We threw lots of coins into the Trevi fountain. Some boys bought some very expensives pieces of string turned into bracelets.. not that they wanted to (The leading two, 5 Euro – Adam Rath, 3 Euro – Marco Castrucci). On Tuesday we went back to Roma, to the Catacombs of St Sebastion, the Baths of Caracalla, the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basillica. Tuesday was the World Day of Tourism, so there were people everywhere. We queued for one hour to get into the Vatican Museum, and another half hour to get into St Peter’s. It was free entry so every man and his ‘cane’ (Italian for dog) was there. The wait was well and truly worth it. There was a little time for shopping at the end of the day to buy gifts for our very unfortunate families back at home. Today we visited Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este (or the Tivoli gardens). After the first 2 exhausting days, it was a little bit easier on the feet. The gardens of Tivoli was the most interesting sight of the day, boasting 400 fountains that work on gravity. Tomorrow we have to leave San Cesario and head north into Tuscany.

Quotes of the Day:
“This is sooo Indiana Jonesish.” – Catacombs
“Zebra crossings and traffic lights are only for decoration in Rome”
“Show us your string”
“Summer Edition”
“The first coin is your return to Rome, the second coin you will find love with an Italian partner, and the third coin.. you will divorce (or marry)” – Trevi Fountain
“Fun Factory” – Cain was given a 2 hour ban on this phrase.


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